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Dr. Meher Khan

Dr. Meher Khan


LAAF – Empowering the User – Self Service HealthCare

LAAF — Live Active and Agony Free – Introducing fascinating trends for Healthcare

Even if you see your healthcare provider every month, you spend the bulk of your waking hours every year, away from any health professional. It is this time -the 5000 hours rule– when critical decisions about health outcomes are made, and they are made by the patient without provider involvement.

In a perfect world with unlimited resources, caregivers would watch over patients during these 5000 hours. With technologies, it is now possible to automate such oversight. The current traditional care model is episodic and reactive. Frequent visits are annoying to the patient and even more so to the doctor who may not be able to justify these visits to her patient’s insurance.

Episodic care has basic in-built flaws. There is no feedback to alert the provider between visits. Some patients clearly lack engagement with their own health. They rely on their provider to be their cheerleader. They have a scale or smartwatch but don’t check them regularly. Even if they record it for a few weeks, they run out of energy and give up.

A wearable that is connected to an app or the cloud, tracks data. By storing data, devices can also analyze it. Devices can recognize a lack of activity and send a reminder, such as vibration from a smartphone. Most likely, we track the health of our car more carefully than our own health. My car helps by tracking miles, consumption, air pressure, and electric charge, automatically, and alerts me when I need an update.

Identifying the Root Cause with LAAF

In the same way, LAAF proposes a control chart for identifying root causes to prevent pain and reduce physical inactivity. We track various parameters (such as gait cycle, alignment, steps taken, acceleration, speed, elevation, distance, cadence) and then we provide visual feedback, including alerts when you are outside the specification limits. This tool is a rigorous way to turn past data and apply real-time data for the future.

LAAF then connects you to caregivers with whom you can set up appointments and helps you to engage with your own cheerleaders via the LAAF app. You also have access to personalized exercises and a repository of pertinent articles and blogs. LAAF empowers the user to self-service. This is a fascinating trend for healthcare that is emerging now!

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